We Got This, Seattle: Storm to Offer Limited-Edition Merchandise Benefitting Food Lifeline of Seattle

T-shirts available for $30, sweatshirts for $45; net proceeds will assist statewide food emergency response efforts
SEATTLE – Today, children and families already grappling with routine food insecurity are now confronting additional challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To assist statewide public, private and non-profit disaster response efforts, the Seattle Storm today unveiled limited-edition ‘We Got This, Seattle’ merchandise with net proceeds going to support Food Lifeline of Seattle.
“Children and families are relying more than ever on nutritious foods provided by Food Lifeline,” said Alisha Valavanis, Storm CEO and General Manager. “With students missing essential meals that schools routinely offer and families losing income due to layoffs or loss of childcare, Food Lifeline plays an even larger and more vital role in keeping our community safe and healthy.”
Available now at www.StormBasketball.com, Storm fans can purchase ‘We Got This, Seattle’ t-shirts for $30 and sweatshirts for $45. The first 250 t-shirts purchased will be matched by the Force 10 Hoops, LLC, ownership group and donated to Swedish Medical Center frontline workers.
Food Lifeline is one of three nonprofit food distribution leads working collaboratively with state lawmakers on the Food Security Coordination Team to mount a statewide emergency food response. Food Lifeline works alongside representatives from the State agencies that operate food and nutrition programs like the School Breakfast and Lunch Program (OSPI), the SNAP (food stamp) program (DSHS) and the TEFAP (federal commodities) program (WSDA). 
The cost to source the volumes and varieties of products needed to serve children and families has multiplied each day since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. Donated foods of the right types and volumes will not be sufficiently available on an ongoing basis to meet the growing need. The food supply chain is experiencing widespread disruptions, so finding reliable sources of food is currently a barrier. Food Lifeline will need to purchase the majority of the product needed to meet demand.
To enable Food Lifeline to stay strong, stable and capable of delivering food relief to our neighbors, or to learn more about Food Lifeline’s critical role in the COVID-19 emergency response efforts, please visit here.