Your safety is important to us!

No bags speed entry and reduce staff-to-fan cross-contamination. Exceptions will be made for ADA and diaper bags with infants and small children.

Bag Policy

Bags Prohibited

Necessary MEDICAL or INFANT bags, smaller than 14”x14”x6” may be permitted and will be checked by security

Wristlet/small clutch/wallet smaller than 4.5”x6.5” may be permitted and will be checked by security

Please Note: Storage lockers are not available on-site for prohibited items.

Prohibited Items:

  1. Large Banners and Flags: Spectators are not permitted to use or wave flags, banners, signs or other items that are affixed to any pole or stick made of wood, metal, plastic or any other hard material and that is more than 18 inches in length.
  2. The following items cannot be brought into the arena by spectators
    1. Whistles, horns, and cowbells. Whistles, foghorns/airhorns and plastic horns, such as vuvuzelas and didgeridoos.
    2. Laser Pointers. Laser pointers or any similar devices.
    3. Optical Illusions. Items intended to create optical illusions or interfere with the ability of the eye to perceive depth or distance, such as pinwheels or umbrellas.
  3. The following additional items cannot be brought into the arena by spectators:
    1. Weapons (including guns and knives);
    2. Electronic Control Devices (including tasers and stun guns);
    3. Aerosol cans;
    4. Fireworks;
    5. Frisbees;
    6. Beverages;
    7. Mace or Pepper Spray;
    8. Poles, selfie-sticks, missile-like objects that can be thrown;
    9. Strollers;
    10. Tripods;
    11. Beach balls;
    12. Bats and clubs;
    13. Illegal substances; and
    14. Water bottles.

Use of any prohibited item must be reported to Arena Security and the item must be confiscated.