Seattle Storm Players Kick Off ‘Love Without Words’ Campaign

Storm Partners with KultureCity in Autism Acceptance Campaign
SEATTLE – The Seattle Storm has joined KultureCity in a national autism acceptance movement “Love Without Words,” a cause that resonates on a deeper level with the organization.

Erin McKinney, Seattle’s video and equipment manager, has spent two seasons on Jenny Boucek’s staff. She was diagnosed with autism as a young adult, but has found a home in the women’s basketball community and her career continues to grow.

“I truly believe that our passions often line up with our gifts, which leads us to our purpose,” said Boucek. “With Erin, she is an incredibly gifted, beautiful and purposeful human being, and that is why she is a unique treasure to our franchise.”

McKinney first teamed up with Boucek as an intern during the 2014 WNBA season and assisted the team during training camp in 2015. She was brought on as the video and equipment manager prior to 2016; she currently handles all video breakdown, statistics and equipment management.

“I’m honored to work for an organization who accepts me for who I am and supports my goals and aspirations around autism acceptance,” said McKinney. “I’m thankful that the Storm has teamed up with KultureCity to celebrate and support the ‘Love Without Words’ campaign.”

Storm athletes and coaches, including Sue Bird and Boucek, are a focal point of the ‘Love Without Words’ campaign, which launches today nationwide. Video and photos of the campaign can be viewed here.

KultureCity, the fastest growing autism non-profit in the nation, works to create a world where all individuals with autism and their families can be accepted and treated equally. ‘Love Without Words’ has launched a social campaign with the Storm, filled with celebrities, influencers and companies who are all working to shift the autism conversation from awareness to acceptance. This campaign is the first large-scale global campaign ever launched with a positive spin on autism.

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