The worldwide emergence of the coronavirus has upended the Pacific Northwest, bringing dramatic changes to our daily lives and a great deal of uncertainty to our community in this time of need. Donating blood remains a safe action. Bloodworks policies comply with FDA, CDC, local health departments, and other applicable recommendations related to Covid-19 (coronavirus); and is closely monitoring our local situation. In order to meet social distancing recommendations, we are asking donors to schedule an appointment to minimize wait times and ensure the best and safest experience for everyone involved in the process. Make your appointment at or by calling 800-398-7888, keep it, and spread the word. #WeGotThisSeattle. Of course we do – it’s in our blood.



This week, thousands of students in the Seattle area lost access to the nutritious breakfasts and lunches they rely on during the school day. Similarly, access to healthy food is already challenging for low-income seniors and is now exacerbated by the need to limit interactions with others due to their increased risk of COVID-19 infection. In times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, those most in need are disproportionately affected.
Our community’s support is more critical than ever, here is how you can help:
$30 will help us provide a family of four with groceries for 4 days 
$100 will help us provide 1,000 pounds of nutritious produce 
$1,000 will help us provide 15 families with groceries for two weeks 
$5,000 will provide an entire truckload of produce, ensuring that more of our neighbors continue to receive the quality products they are counting on. 
Help us keep food flowing to our neighbors who need access to nutritious food during this time.




As a result of our current public health crisis, many students across the country will lose out on a significant number of hours in the classroom. Learn Fresh has reserved a limited number of NBA Math Hoops board games to donate directly to families, who may find that they have few adequate resources to keep their children engaged during this time. If a NBA Math Hoops board game would be immediately valuable for your 4th-8th grader to continue their STEM and math education, please complete THIS FORM.

Check back regularly for more ways to help our community


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