Jewell Loyd Begins Taking Classes to Finish Degree at Notre Dame

After deciding to forgo her final year of eligibility at Notre Dame and enter the WNBA Draft in 2015, Storm guard Jewell Loyd said she definitely planned to finish school at some point. One year later, the reigning Rookie of the Year is starting to complete that process.

Earlier this week, Loyd began the first of four online classes needed to earn her bachelor’s degree in film, television and theater. The commitment is about six hours per week, and Loyd will also have a midterm and final essay to complete later this summer. It’s a Shakespeare class, one in which students analyze his plays and movies that include his script.

“I promised my mom I would finish my degree,” Loyd said. “She taught [my brother] Jarryd and I the importance of getting an education, and she sacrificed a lot for us. This is my way to return the favor.”

Loyd, who enjoys analyzing films – but not necessarily Shakespeare – added that she plans to be done with the remaining three classes in the next year or so. She hopes to have her degree by the summer of 2017.